Il fascismo in mostra

Editori Riuniti – 1999/2003

Photography exhibitions and publications played a primary role in forging the fascist regime cultural image.
This book analyses the Exhibition of Fascist Revolution (1932) The First National Exhibition Reclaiming Marshy Lands (1932) The First Exhibition of Italian Air Forces (1934) The First National Sport Exhibition (1935) The Autarchic Exhibition of Italian Minerals (1938). Russo’s text explores these propaganda machines promoting Mussolini’s regime, as well as the main photographic books, exposing their blatant rhetoric but also some features of surprising modernity.

First published in 1999 and reissued in 2003, Il Fascismo in mostra was a best selling book of the Storia fotografica della società italiana series and initiated a field of studies on the fascist regime photography politics becoming a key reference text book for scholars and students of art, photography and architecture of the 1930s.


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