“Volti nel Tempo” e
“L’infinito nel volto dell’altro”

Reviews: “Volti nel tempo”, Einuadi 2022 e “L’infinito nel volto dell’altro”, Mimesis 2023

Librando art and photography book reviews by Antonella Russo presents “Volti nel Tempo Una storia del ritratto fotografico” by Phillip Prodger, Einaudi editore 2022, €42. A selection of portraits from the National Portrait Gallery of London, a personal exploration of photographic portraiture and an example of Neoliberal photographic production. It also discusses “L’infinito nel volto dell’altro Sul ritratto fotografico”, Mimesis edizioni, 2023, €14 by Paola Mattioli. This includes a series of considerations and thoughts and quotes taken from philosophy, history of photography as well as biographical recollections by a generous Italian woman photographer.


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